"Gotta Say Something"


As you will see I'm not a professional blog writer, so excuse all the punctuations or lack thereof. I'm free flowing, it's late and I wanted to share with you what I believe this song is about.

I was thinking about these movies that I love to watch, I'm a romantic at heart. Anyway, these movies that have the girl. You know? the one that you"ll probably never find in real life and if you did she wouldn't give you the time of day anyway.... She's perfect in every way. She tells great jokes, really smart, anything from Nabokov to Nietzsche and quotes Family Guy, Step Brothers, European Vacation, she probably knows more about football than you and this lucky guy on the screen is with her.

That was the scenario. I always fantasized while watching these movies that I could go into the screen or onto the screen which ever it is and I'd be that guy. Of course, I wouldn't know what to say where would I begin? I mean she's the girl in the Movie she's perfect what do you say??' I mean It is a movie, so I guess I'd have the script and i would just say whatever the writer wrote for me to say but that's another song..

So I meet this girl in the movie, and I Gotta say something?? Right?? before she leaves, I mean like out of the scene or the frame, out of my life and I can't find the words. I then go into this macho hero thing and who better to be than Steve McQueen. Look him up, if you're too young to remember, He was the shit. If your in my age group you'll know exactly what I'm talking about but I digress. So I'm gonna steal this car and drive down to Mexico and sit in this Cantina (bar) for those of you that no Habla espanol and then when i see her I'll know exactly what to say and I'll already be in a few cold ones so I'll also have liquid courage. Then we kiss and drive back across the border or stay there and fish I have no Idea but that's another song.

The truth is I met this girl in real life, it wasn't a movie on the screen but The Movie of Life.  Guess what? I married her. The story Isn't as cool as a Steve McQueen movie I didn't steal a car, I may have had a few cold ones though..She's beautiful smarter than Moi (me) ne parle pas francais....Loves football, she might know more than me and she quotes some of those movies I mentioned. Thank God I said something.....

Oh yeah, Alex Wharton at Abbey Road Studios (yes that Abbey Road Studios) Mastered this Track.. Love that guy but that's another song.


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